Well, my time here is starting to come down to the wire, so I’ve been making some plans for the last few weeks. This weekend I’m going out for a few days to Hualien Daylily with a group of coworkers, and I’m still trying to make plans to go swimming.

Monday, work was canceled because of Typhoon Haitang. I was only expecting one, Typhoon Nesat, but it mostly only hit the East side, and all we got from it was a bit of rain. Apparently, its unusual for two typhoons to hit back to back like that. The campus is a little torn up from it all. There are tons of broken tree branches, lots of them larger than me, and all kinds of debris that got knocked around by the wind and rain. It’s been raining almost nonstop since then. It didn’t seem like such a bad storm as it was happening, and I’ve been told it was pretty small for a typhoon. It’s looking unlikely that I’ll see a big storm or an earthquake while I’m here, which honestly I kind of wanted to experience. We’ve been having a bit of trouble with the phones and wifi since a lightning storm earlier last week knocked them out. My phone and computer will randomly get kicked off or redirected, and some peoples’ work phones have had some trouble making connections.

Hank and I have been working on a choice whitefly experiment, which is a little different than what we usually do. Instead of releasing specific amounts of whiteflies into cages on the leaves, we just exposed the plants to a bunch of them in a tent. Then, instead of examining specific leaves, we had to check the entire plant under a microscope for eggs. I wouldn’t mind that much, but we worked in the Entomology Lab, and their microscope has always given me trouble. It refuses to focus correctly and the light randomly falls off, so you have to stop and fix it every few seconds. There was some pretty positive data from the test though, so it was worth it.

Work is slowing down for everyone, especially now that the rain has really started. Usually, in the afternoons we get together with the other interns in each others’ offices and hang out. Yesterday, those of us who weren’t from Taiwan used Google Maps to show what our homes and colleges looked like. We also attended another presentation by a high school student from Puerto Rico. I enjoyed it, but it also reminded me that my presentation is coming up, and I’m pretty nervous. 20590864_1599553906735317_1038852453_o.jpg


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