I remember thinking that the way time flowed on my flights to Taiwan was strange, but that was nothing compared to this. I woke up at 4 am Monday morning, departed, and arrived in Tokyo nearly 5 hours later, where I spent over 5 hours on a layover. From there, I had a flight that was almost 9 hours to Vancouver, and am now sitting here in front of a fountain on Monday morning.

Technically, this blog has pretty much ended, since my trip has. But, I guess I’m desperate enough for something to do without many options because I’m pretty glad to be able to write while I wait for my plane. I still have one more stop in L.A. before I make it home to SLC. Honestly, though, I already feel more at home here in Canada than I have for the past two months. I still don’t speak French, but the behaviors and foods are more familar than Taiwan or Tokyo, and English is finally common again.

Airports are like time machines, and not just because of the time zones. I’ve been sitting and people watching for a few hours now, and it’s incredible what you can see people wearing to travel. From formal suits to matching pajama sets, high heels to Heelys, there’s everything. It’s almost noon here, but people are eating breakfast, dessert, and dinner at any time of the day. I actually really like it. It’s interesting, and there’s a lot of stories all in one place. Thousands of people all moving to and from for their own reasons, some of them incredible. Most people look grumpy, but there are kids that are clearly thrilled to be here, tourists taking photos of everything, and huge families rushing to make their connections. I should pack up and move around a bit, but it’s getting increasingly strange to think that this has ended

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