Well, it’s a Monday again, and thankfully a cooler one. Last week the temperature stayed above 90 with high humidity the entire time. Of course, this was also the one week there was a bunch of stuff we were scheduled to do outside. I ended up with pretty nasty heat stress and exhaustion, so I wasn’t able to do really anything after work but lie down. I had planned to go up to Niagara for pirate’s weekend, but by the time the weekend rolled around I knew I didn’t have the energy for it yet. The heat also impacted my experiment, as last week was the first time I adjusted to the timer, turning it up to 15 seconds on and 6 minutes off. I’ve thrown another recovery day in for them at 3 minutes off, but tomorrow will up it to 9 minutes off. No new info on the large chamber, it’s still stuck outside. Abby and I constructed a few tents with a  sprayer system and heat mats for some new cuttings, and we’ll prepping those today.

There’s a very nice pier by the lake I’ve been going to when it’s too hot to stay home. Lots of other people show up too, and so It’s my favorite spot to head for a few hours when the weekend makes the apartment feel miserable. Besides that, I’ll also occasionally camp out in McDonald’s for the AC. I’ve also been boating twice recently! On the fourth of July to see some fireworks, and then after work as an outing for our division. It’s a sailboat belonging to my boss, Dr. Fazio, and I’ve managed to pick up a fact or two about sailing so I can be helpful when we use the jib.

Beyond that nothing else is really happening. The succulents are doing fantastic and we have a new critter come around for food: a pretty brave pigeon. It’s funny to watch it waddle out of the way of bikers and golf carts without a care in the world. I’m having to stop buying chicken as it keeps going bad very quickly, even in the fridge or freezer. After a few instances of food poisoning, I may just make the jump to beef. There’s always pork, but frankly, there’s almost nothing fresh out here, and I haven’t seen a single packet of chops that doesn’t look like buying it would mean a battle to the death to see who gets to eat who. I’m going to update my lab manual then get to helping Abby now.

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