Well, a few new things to write about finally happened.

This weekends around 20 new interns, mostly Taiwanese college students, arrived and moved in! It’s nice to not be the only one living here. We also got several Korean students and a girl named Sanju who is originally from Nepal but has studied in Florida the past few years. She’s also in the tomato breeding section but is working on slightly different projects than we are with another girl called Hesper.

Sanju arrived first, and we walked around the campus together over the weekend. She didn’t have a bike so we couldn’t go anywhere, but we found the pool and made plans to go sometime. After the rest of the students arrive, we went to the night market with Hesper, who was dead set on getting us to try as much food as possible. I ended up trying “stinky tofu” and what Hesper called “sweet potato puffs”. Despite the name, the tofu wasn’t that bad. It came with cabbage and I liked it enough that I ate four or five pieces. The sweet potato puffs were these deep fried sweet potatoes that had something else done to them so they were all puffy. They were FANTASTIC. I had to hold off from eating them all when we got back and were sharing.

With the new rush of students, I’ve had to introduce myself all over again, which can vary in levels of awkwardness. Some of the time they want to hear all about what living in America is like. I’m never really sure what to say, but by now I’ve gotten together a photo album of the most popular pictures, which are mostly mountains, snow, the desert, and my friends. I’m pretty bad with names, even when they’re familiar western ones, so I’ve been writing them down in my phone. Apparently, when they learn English at a young age here, they also give themselves new names. I’m occasionally given their “English names” instead of their real ones, like when I met a Tony this weekend, or how I still don’t know what Hank’s real name is.

Besides all of that, work is the same. I am feeling pretty under the weather this week though, So after work, I went straight into my room to lie down, and that’s where I’ve been all afternoon. The ATM is on the fritz. It woke me up at 5:30 this morning blasting an advertisement (or maybe instructions to use it?) in Mandarin. I can still here it going now, but I’m going to turn on my air conditioner soon, and that usually drowns it out. received_10158936399545057.jpeg

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