Good news today! An entire test group of eggplant came back with high whitefly mortality rates, just shy of 100% actually, and no eggs. Dr. Mohamed had us go back and start a second test on them right away. It will run for 2 days, then we’ll check again.

Besides that, the day went like normal. I tried the Taiwanese version of a snow cone. It was shaved ice that tasted a bit like bubblegum flavoring, with bits of dried fruit and peanuts in it. It was definitely nice since its just been getting steadily hotter here.

The Malaysian Night Herons have started to leave their nests, which is kind of unsettling. Every time I see a clutch of them milling around in the shade it freaks me out for a second. They’re pretty big birds and still have that mangy new baby bird look, so seeing them in the shadows out of the corner of your eye can be startling. I also caught a baby lizard today. I let it go right after, but there are tons of them here. I saw one in my room, and I’m hoping it will eat the mosquitos.


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