Well, I’ve finally made it! After ~33 hours of travel, I arrived at Wenchang Village at around 1:30 local time. The trip went well, with the only hiccup being a delayed flight in Vancouver led to a missed connection in Hong Kong.

Upon reaching the gate in Hong Kong, I met two others who had also found themselves stuck, and abandoned by the gate agent they had asked to help them. One was from America and was going to Taiwan for a conference. The other was Taiwanese and was returning for a visit from attending school in Lousiana. He told me his name was Andy. We waited in line for an hour and a half, before the missing gate agent appeared, and quickly ushered us to a gate for a different airline. We boarded less than an hour later, Andy and I exchanged Instagram usernames, and we were eventually off again.

From there, I learned my checked bag had gotten lost in Vancouver, but I had packed everything I would need in case this happened in my carry on, so as long as it was recovered in a few days, I would be just fine. Happy to see that the driver who would be taking me the rest of the way had not left, I climbed into his car and drove the last hour. I was quietly ushered into my room, which is surprisingly large with plenty of space to store things, and bid goodnight.

I readied for bed, engaging in war with the cockroaches that mistook my room for theirs in the process. After one was killed, one escaped, and two bodies were disposed of, the battle went to me. Not bothering to clean up or even shower, I set my alarm for 11:30 the next morning and fell asleep.

At about 8:30, I woke up, ready to get going. The air conditioner was amazing, and I even felt a bit of a shiver getting out of bed. A quick inspection with my shoe raised threateningly revealed no new pests. A quick shower later, I cleaned up and took stock of the contents of my carry on. I have enough clothes for two days. Three, if I’m willing to climb back into the ones I arrived in. The cafeteria opens at 10:00 am, closes at 1:00 pm, then reopens at 4:00. Until I wander out looking for food, I’m sitting at my new desk looking out my window at the tropical plants and a tennis court. I’ve not seen or heard anyone since last night, but I’m looking forward to meeting my new neighbors.


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